The 6 Best TWIST Shampoos and Conditioners for Curly Hair

The 6 Best TWIST Shampoos and Conditioners for Curly Hair

The 6 Best TWIST Shampoos and Conditioners for Curly Hair

Every great curly hair wash day begins with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. If you’re looking to infuse more moisture into your waves, curls, and coils on wash days, TWIST by Ouidad offers a range of shampoos and conditioners designed to enhance your curl pattern without stripping strands of their natural oils.

Depending on your lifestyle and curl pattern, your needs may slightly differ. For example, if you wash your hair bi-weekly or have an oily scalp, opt for a balancing clarifying shampoo that deeply cleanses the scalp and strands. If you wash your hair daily or have a dry scalp, grab a hydrating shampoo that isn’t as potent.

After cleansing and conditioning your curls, opt for the Weather Up Gel Weightless Curl Defining Gel to add definition and shine to your wash-n-go, twist-out, or updo. This high-performance gel is formulated with wheat protein, sericin, and argan oil to combat frizz while providing a soft, touchable hold.

Whether you prefer a clarifying shampoo, hydrating shampoo, a multi-functional conditioner, or an oil-infused conditioner, TWIST has a variety of shampoos and conditioners to kick off your wash day routine.  

TWIST Hit Reset Light Clarifying Shampoo

The TWIST Hit Reset Light Clarifying Shampoo is designed to gently yet effectively remove impurities, excess oils, and product buildup from the hair and scalp, providing a clean canvas for optimal styling and health. Enriched with nourishing shea butter, jojoba oil, and Pataua fruit,  this shampoo not only clarifies but also hydrates and revitalizes the hair, leaving it feeling soft, smooth, and visibly rejuvenated. The light clarifying action ensures a balanced and refreshed scalp without stripping essential moisture, making it suitable for regular use. With its invigorating fragrance and hydrating formula, this clarifying shampoo delivers a salon-like experience in the comfort of your own home.

TWIST Weather or Not Element-Defying Conditioner

The TWIST Weather or Not Element-Defying Conditioner is a game-changer in any curly hair care regimen. It provides an effective shield against environmental elements such as humidity, UV rays, and pollution, safeguarding the hair from damage and preventing frizz. It deeply hydrates and replenishes moisture for remarkably softer, smoother, and more manageable curls. Formulated with protective ingredients, this conditioner ensures that your hair maintains definition and hydration. Humidity doesn’t stand a chance against this moisture shield.

TWIST So Rich, So Fresh Cleansing & Conditioning Dry Shampoo

The TWIST So Rich, So Fresh Cleansing & Conditioning Dry Shampoo effortlessly refreshes and revitalizes hair between washes, absorbing excess oil and impurities to leave strands looking freshly washed. Beyond its cleansing prowess, this dry shampoo is enriched with conditioning agents that nourish and soften the hair, providing a silky and lustrous finish. The lightweight and non-greasy texture makes it easy to apply, instantly boosting volume and texture while leaving an invigorating scent. Perfect for busy lifestyles, this shampoo is perfect for maintaining salon results without having to use water.

TWIST Curl Goals Moisture-Locking Leave-in Conditioner

Formulated to cater to curly hair types (types 3B to 4C), the TWIST Curls Goals Moisture-Locking Leave-in Conditioner infuses strands with intense moisture to combat dryness and prevent breakage. This lightweight formula is blended with rich ingredients that not only detangle and smooth strands but also define and enhance your curl pattern. With its moisture-locking capabilities, this conditioner works to create a protective barrier, shielding curls from environmental stressors and ensuring long-lasting hydration. The results? Soft, defined curls that feel moisturized until your next wash day.

TWIST On-repeat Gentle Oil Infused Shampoo

The TWIST On-Repeat Gentle Oil Infused Shampoo redefines the concept of luxurious hair care right at home. It combines the power of gentle conditioning with the richness of infused oils, creating a formula that deeply hydrates and revitalizes every strand. Enriched with essential oils, it not only detangles and softens the hair but also imparts a healthy shine. The lightweight yet potent blend ensures manageability and eases combing, making it an ideal choice for all hair types. With its nourishing properties, this oil-infused shampoo leaves your hair with touchable softness and an invigorating scent. Use it daily or weekly for bouncy, healthier-looking hair.

TWIST Gimme It All 4-in-1 Hydrating Conditioner

A versatile powerhouse conditioner, the TWIST GIMME IT All 4-in-1 Hydrating Conditioner is designed to elevate your hair care routine. This innovative conditioner combines four essential functions in one, delivering intense hydration, detangling prowess, nourishing restoration, and lightweight conditioning. Formulated with a blend of potent moisturizers and revitalizing ingredients, it leaves the hair luxuriously soft, manageable, and noticeably healthier. The detangling action reduces breakage and promotes easy styling, while the lightweight conditioning ensures a natural feel without weighing the hair down. Perfect for those seeking a multi-functional essential, it not only simplifies your hair care routine but also provides a salon-quality experience, leaving your hair refreshed, revitalized, and ready to shine.


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