We’re on a mission to reshape the beauty experience by fostering a community around curated shopping and discovery. Avenue B is beauty corner store with built-in guidance tailored for you. Similar to your favorite bodega or quaint store on main street, it evokes a feeling of comfort, familiarity and nostalgia wrapped in one.

Behind this mission is a team of passionate experts propelled to reimagine what a beauty aisle can be for you. Come join us as we take on new and exciting challenges focused on delivering a transformative experience through exceptional service!

We're a two way street
Our main principle is to communicate "with", not "at". We use this approach for our customer and also within our team. We believe collaboration is at the core of innovation.

Join our team!

No matter your passion, talents or background, we work hard to create significant opportunity. A one-of-a-kind culture. And a future-forward focus that ensures continual challenge, organizational strength and stability and personal and professional satisfaction.