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With high-quality, affordable ingredients, Spenser & Jensen helps you squeeze self-care into your schedule. All of Spenser & Jensen's products are made with premium and natural oils and extracts and never tested on animals.
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Spenser & Jensen

Hydrating Body Butter With Essential Oils

Spenser & Jensen

Essential-Oils Infused Cleanser

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Discover the charm of Spenser & Jensen on Avenue B, where self-care meets sophistication. Known for their luxurious yet accessible bath and body products, Spenser & Jensen makes your self-care ritual feel like a delightful treat. Their collection ranges from lavish bath products to indulgent body care, all designed to enhance your routine without any unnecessary fuss. Enjoy the feeling of nourished, radiant skin with body washes, scrubs, and butters. With Spenser & Jensen, you don't need to empty your wallet to put yourself first. The brand embraces a timeless yet modern approach with products that are never out of style. Join the community of self-care enthusiasts who adore Spenser & Jensen and experience the blend of luxury and accessibility for yourself. Explore the Spenser & Jensen collection today on Avenue B โ€” your beauty, your way.