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Burt's Bees original beeswax balm came out back in 1991 and has nourished lips around the world ever since. That’s over 30 years of fighting the good fight against dryness and chapping.
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Experience the wholesome goodness of nature with Burt's Bees, now available at Avenue B. Renowned for their commitment to sustainability and natural ingredients, this buzz-worthy brand offers an extensive range of skincare and beauty products that are designed to nurture your body, soul, and our planet with nature’s best. From lip balms to body lotions, face cleansers, and makeup, Burt's Bees products bring you the power of nature for a glowing complexion, nourished skin, and looks you’ll love. Ethical, effective, and environmentally friendly, Burt's Bees takes ordinary routines and turns them into extraordinary rituals. Jump on the bandwagon alonside millions of makeup and skincare lovers who rely on Burt’s Bees — and see how nature can totally upgrade your skin. Shop Burt's Bees on Avenue B and bring the best of nature to your beauty routine.